Monday, 13 June 2011

Don't Hide it Away.

Sometimes the way to make a home feel cozy is to show that someone actually lives there. I love clean lines and a fresh modern feel, but at the same time I think a little touch of REALNESS can make a home much more welcoming.

There are a lot of things in our homes that we hide away when we don't really need to. Take these examples.

Try putting your toilet paper (or paper towel or bath towels) in a basket and just leave it out!

I love this pencil case because I can store away all my little gadgets, utilities and cords (the bane of my existence) inside and I can just leave it sitting out anywhere looking lovely!

Looking to do the same? Here are some of my handmade picks from Etsy sellers: Scout&Catalogue, Hannah Stevens, and Seaoats

Last one for today is in the kitchen. I am a big fan of open concept cupboards- take those doors off, paint the inside a great colour and put your lovely dishes on display! In my rented apartment I can't take the cupboard doors off, so I found this old tool shelf to get the look. Now we can leave out all of our little kitchen things and have them looking good. 

Is there something in your home you don't want to hide anymore and are tired of finding solutions?
Send me some toughies and I'll come up with some ideas for you :) Unless it's cords and wires from electronics. If that's your issue, we are in the same boat. I've tried everything :)

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